Flexible Fixed Deposit

This is a special deposit product that allows up to 95% of quick loan facility at a lowest rate. The product aims to cater to frequent and instantaneous fund requirement needs of individuals especially for self employed individuals or business firms.

  • Minimum deposit amount of Tk. 10,000/-
  • Quick loan will be transferred to your bank account directly
  • Up to 95% of quick loan facility against deposit at a lower rate of interest
  • Auto renewal facility.


Term of the deposit: 6, 12 months

Minimum deposit amount: Tk. 10,000/- (Taka Fifty Thousand only)

Eligibility: All individual and corporate depositors

Privilege offer: All Senior Citizens and DBH Home Loan customers are eligible for preferential rate over the prevalent rate

Please contact our representatives to avail convenient service at your doorstep.

Flexible Fixed Deposit

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