Monthly Income Deposit

DBH monthly income deposit is a scheme to enjoy frequent returns on your savings with highest level of security. The monthly profits will be conveniently transferred to your bank account through Electronic Fund Transfer, so it’s hassle free. For depositors who need monthly return from their savings to bear their expenses, this can be ideal for them

  • Profit will be paid monthly, so annual effective return will be higher
  • Up to 80% quick loan facility against deposit
  • Auto renewal facility.
  • Monthly profit will be transferred to your bank account through Electronic Fund Transfer.


Term of the deposit: 12, 36 months

Minimum deposit amount: BDT 50,000/- only

Eligibility: All individual and corporate investors

Privilege offer: All Senior Citizens and DBH Home Loan customers are eligible for preferential rate over the prevalent rate.

Please contact our representatives to avail convenient service at your doorstep.

Monthly Income Deposit

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