Fixed Deposit

We understand the importance of hard-earned savings of both individuals and businesses. When a deposit is placed with any institution, people mostly look for a safe custodian of their hard-earned fund and they also expect an acceptance return on the deposit. DBH is the only international joint venture Financial Institution that has been awarded the highest Credit Rating AAA . The rating AAA denotes the highest possible safety blanket for the deposits and to make the deal more attractive, DBH offers a very competitive interest rate on the deposits placed.

Day Wise Deposit

DBH Day Wise Deposit is a scheme where the profit is paid on maturity....readmore

Easy Deposit

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Annual Income Deposit

DBH Annual Income Deposit is a scheme where the profit is paid on matu...readmore

Monthly Income Deposit

DBH monthly income deposit is a scheme to enjoy frequent returns on yo...readmore

Quarterly Income Deposit

DBH quarterly income deposit yields returns at quarterly interval on your fund. The profit is nat...readmore

Cumulative Deposit

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DBH Platinum Deposit (DPD)

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Flexible Fixed Deposit

This is a special deposit product that allows up to 95% of quick loan ...readmore

Terms & Conditions

Deposit should be made by A/C payee cheque in favor of "Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporati...readmore