DBH Platinum Deposit (DPD)

This is the most lucrative Deposit scheme for the cautious saver, who can place his/her valued funds for 15 months. At the end of 12 months the interest will be added to the principal amount and then renewed to complete the term of 15 months. Deposit’s profit will be calculated on a cumulative basis yielding to a higher return.

  • Deposit tenure is 15 months
  • Profit will be paid on a cumulative basis with Lucrative rate of returns
  • Minimum Deposit amount of BDT 50,000
  • Up to 90% quick loan facility is offered against deposit at only 2% higher rate from the rate of FDR
  • Premature encashment at only 2% less than the rate of FDR
  • Auto FDR renewal option available with or without interest according to your choice

Term of the deposit: 15 months

Minimum deposit amount: Tk. 50,000/- (Taka Fifty Thousand only)

Eligibility: All individual depositors

Privilege offer: Senior Citizens and DBH Home Loan customers will be given preferential rates

Please contact our representatives to avail convenient service at your doorstep.

DBH Platinum Deposit (DPD)

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