Easy Deposit

Many people keep their funds at bank account to have easy access in case of any need. Imagine a fixed deposit product that not only gives you similar access, but also gives you more than double return. Such a Fixed deposit is our unique new deposit product Easy Deposit

  • No penalty for part or full withdraw of fund after 3 months of each installment
  • Quick Loan facility at only 0.50% higher rate than deposit if fund required in first 3 months
  • Minimum deposit amount Tk. 2500, no maximum cap for deposit, multiple installments possible in a month
  • No penalty for missing any month’s installment
  • Profit accumulated monthly based on deposit balance, so the annual effective return is higher
  • Hassle free Electronic Fund Transfer and payment


Term of the deposit: 12 months

Minimum deposit amount: Any amount starting form Tk. 2,500/-

Eligibility: Individual depositors

Privilege offer: All Senior Citizens and DBH Home Loan customers are eligible for preferential rate over the prevalent rate

Please contact our representatives to avail convenient service at your doorstep.

Easy Deposit

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