Frequently Asked Questions

Why deposit in DBH ?

Worldwide, Housing Finance is considered to be one of the safest long term lending investments and Housing Finance Institutions are the perfect place to keep their savings. In Bangladesh, DBH is not only the pioneer in this sector, but considered to be one of the best-managed institutions in the finance sector. Like any other bank, DBH is also licensed by Bangladesh Bank to collect fixed/term deposits.

DBH's recent award of the highest credit rating "AAA"(Triple A) for the 16th consecutive year is a unique record amongst the country's financial institutions. This achievement reaffirms our enduring commitment to provide the highest level of safety and security to our valued depositors.

What does Credit Rating mean?

Credit rating is a published ranking of credit worthiness which indicates the ability of an organization to fulfill their financial commitments. An independent credit rating agency awards rating based on detailed analysis of financial statements of an organization, as well as, other relevant quantitative and qualitative information. The credit rating agencies are licensed and supervised by Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission as well as Bangladesh Bank.


Credit Ratings

Implication Highest Quality High Quality Upper Medium Medium Speculative Highly Speculative   Default

What is the Credit Rating of DBH?

DBH's recent award of the highest credit rating "AAA"(Triple A) for the 16th consecutive year is a unique record amongst the country's financial institutions. Emerging Credit Rating Limited ( ECRL) has recently affirmed AAA long term credit rating and ST-1 short term credit rating to Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DBH).

2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1 ST-1

Financial institutions rated "AAA" have extremely strong capacity to meet their financial commitments. By attaining AAA rating for the 16th consecutive year, we are one of the strongest and safest institutions in the country's financial sector. These ratings reflect the company's good corporate governance, strong capital base, market leadership in the housing finance industry, long-standing track record of sound asset quality with lowest level of non-performing loans.

What are the Deposit Rates?

Please click the link for the Deposit Rates   Download here

Is cash transaction allowed?

Cash deposit is not acceptable. Please issue an account payee cheque in favor of "Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Ltd." with from your account to make deposits with DBH.

What is the mode of acceptance?

Deposit shall be made by 'Account Payee cheque drawn in favor of "Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. with duly filled application form. Deposit cheque should be made from the depositor's bank account and repayment cheque will also be made on that account.

If deposit encashed before maturity, what will be the Rate of Interest?

Premature encashment is allowed only after the completion of 3 months. In such cases, return will be calculated at 2% lower than the rate, which was applicable for the period completed.

Is DBH Deposit auto renewable?

DBH deposit will be automatically renewed with accrued interest from the date of maturity for further term at the then prevailing rate of return unless it is encashed during the month of deposit matured.

What is the minimum period of DBH Deposits?

The minimum period of DBH Deposit is 3 months. Deposit cannot be en-cashed within 3 months as per rules of the Bangladesh Bank.

Is deposit possible for minor ?

Deposits can be made in the name of minors through their legal guardian as per government policy. The legal guardian has to submit his/her photograph along with the photocopy of identification card like National ID or passport. The guardian can also avail loan against deposits.

What is encashment policy of DBH Deposits?

The depositor(s) have to return the deposit certificate duly discharged to DBH office to get the repayment Cheque. If the deposit matures on a holiday, payment will be made on the next working day.

Can anyone take Loan Against Deposits (LAD)?

Depositors can take loan against deposit up to 95%* of the principal deposit amount. Loan amount will depend on the deposit scheme, its tenure and subject to management approval.

How long it will take to avail loan against deposits?

Our sophisticated loan processing software will enable us to provide the loan Cheque within 10-15 minutes.

Is there any processing fee applicable for LAD?

Loan against deposits is absolutely free of any processing fees

Is DBH Deposit transferable?

DBH Deposit is not transferable.

What is same day effect?

Return starts counting from the day of placing Form & Cheque to DBH office. In case of large deposit, deposit will be effective from Cheque clearing date.

What are documents required to make deposits in DBH?

For individual clients the following documents are required to be submitted along with the deposit application form. Generally, these documents are needed to be submitted once if you even maintain multiple deposits with DBH.

  • Properly filled-up deposit application form and customer registration form.
  • Passport size photograph of depositor(s)
  • Photocopy of valid identification document - National ID card/ Passport of depositor(s) and nominee
  • Passport size Photograph(s) of depositor(s) and nominee
  • # For existing client required only application form and cheque and nominee pic (if required)

    For corporate clients following documents are needed:

    • Properly fill up Corporate Customer Registration Form (CCRF) and Corporate Application form.
    • Properly fill up Corporate signatory form with Passport size photo of all signatories along with photocopy of valid identification document - National ID card/ Passport
    • Forwarding letter in their letter head
    • Board resolution on signatories
    • Trade license(In Case of Proprietorship)
    • Article of association or by laws or Memorandum of association

    # For existing client required only application form and cheque and forwarding letter.