Flexi Plus Home Loan

Step Up Repayment Facility (SURF)

If the Clients need a higher amount of loan but do not have the income to service the high installment at the moment but his/her income is likely to increase in future, then the borrower can choose to pay smaller EMIs in the earlier years and gradually increase the size of the loan installments with the increase of their income later years.

Step-Down Repayment Facility (SDRF)

If the borrower's present income flow enables him / her to pay more now and if his / her income is likely to fall in the coming years then the Clients can also chose to pay larger size of installments during the initial years, and reduce the size of the installments with any potential decline in their income in future.

Structured Repayment Facility (SRF)

A combination of both the schemes can also be structured where the borrower decides to repay the loan depending on his/her plan and convenience and foreseeing the upcoming situations at various phases of the loan tenure.

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Flexi Plus Home Loan

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