Summary of Unclaimed Dividend


We always try our level best to complete the dividend distribution process within the schedule. At first, we distribute all the dividends through BEFTN and within 3 to 4 working days, we receive the returned BEFTN report from the respective Bank. Then, we sort out the data and issue dividend warrants and request the shareholders through DSE & CSE to collect the physical dividend warrants within a specified time. Thereafter, for those who fail to collect their dividend physically, we send the warrants to their respective addresses through courier. But finally, some of the warrants return as the shareholders do not correctly mention their addresses in the BO set up. As a result, every year a portion of dividends remain undistributed.

Summary of the unpaid or unclaimed cash dividends are mentioned below:

Aging analysis of unpaid/unclaimed cash dividend (As of December 2020)
BDT in Taka
Up to 1 year 34,505.60
Over 1 year but within 3 years 653,312.61
Over 3 years but within 4 years 270,502.56
Over 4 years but within 5 years 517,963.35
Above 5 years 2,635,863.04
Total 4,112,147.16


Since Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the year 2008, we have distributed all the Stock dividends through CDBL. But within this period we have failed to distribute the stock dividend against 7 shareholders due to close BO accounts and in one case, non-submission of BO account.

Summary of undistributed stock dividends are given hereunder:

Aging analysis of unpaid/unclaimed stock dividend (As of December 2020)
Nos. of Shares
Up to 1 year 1,226
Over 1 year but within 3 years 744
Over 3 years but within 4 years 0
Over 4 years but within 5 years 351
Above 5 years 7,097
Total 9,418